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Welcome! I’m Zak, the owner and creator of BodyBall Home Exercise Equipment and “You vs You” Transformation Program for Fitness Beginners. Born and raised in New Jersey over 36 years ago, I joined the Marine Corps straight out of high school following the events of 9/11. Fought in Afghanistan 06 and Iraq 07 as 0311 with 1/3 LavaDogs stationed in Hawaii. 

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Post Honorable Discharge in 2008 from the Marine Corps,  I attended collage and received a degree in Physical Education. During that time, I also be came a Certified Personal Trainer for NASM: National Academy of Sports Medicine and have been Personal Fitness Training and Lifestyle & Nutritional coaching for 10+ years and hold numerous other NASM fitness credentials like; Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist and MMA Conditioning Specialist.


One day, decided to sell everything and buy a one-way-ticket to the Big Island of Hawaii. I lived on the Kailua-Kona side over 7+ years as a Personal Trainer representing my company “You vs You Fitness" where I specialized in Fitness Training for Beginners - Intermediate Levels. 


Over the last decade, I have instructed and coached hundreds of clients to lose thousands of pounds of unwanted body fat. Individuals have turned their lives around for the best from applying certain concepts I introduced. I was there every step of the way while guiding them "like a compass" to their weight loss destination. Along the fitness journey, they each encounter various weight loss and exercise obstacles which required different, but simple and effective solutions. 

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From start to finish, I listened about their struggles, self-doubt, frustrations and slip ups. I would remind them to “trust the process” and not listen to the negative voice in their head, but to listen to mine instead. As the months would pass, I would see changes not only in their body composition, but more in their confidence and the way they present themselves.


Everything you need to know about Nutritional Basics, Exercise Fundamentals, Full Body Workouts and Developing Mental Toughness is included in the Transformation Program. The problems you might encounter are backed with simple and effective solutions. 

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Here’s the thing…I have seen the years pass while new pieces of fitness equipment keep coming out and advertised all over TV and internet. They become more fancy and packed with all the “bells and whistle’s” technology will allow. 


Guess what…They are Lying to you! 


The products are advertised while saying something like “Have a 6 pack in less than 10 mins a day" or "Drop 30 pounds in 30 days." It’s then packaged to be visually appealing like eye-candy, and presented to you in a specific way backed by billions of marketing dollars in order to learn, study and manipulate your Purchase Behavior. 

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The You vs You Transformation Program is giving you all-the-pieces to the puzzle. 

You will have a clear & simple understanding of what to do, why to do it, when to do it, how to do it and what to do, when you fall off track or stop progressing.


I care about you and I truly want to see you succeed and living a life to the fullest. Read, Learn and Apply the program to your life and let me guide you along the path of least resistance. Together we will crush your fitness goals and build the life you always desired.


The hardest part is taking the first step... Stay the same or Ready for Change?

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