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ATTN: Personal Trainers


Hello fellow Personal Trainers, Zak here and I have a story to share with you. I have been working out in the fitness industry for almost 20 years now. It all started when I started lifting weights in preparation for leaving to Marine Corps Boot Camp when I was 17 years old. All throughout the Marines I continued to workout daily and improve my mind and body through physical fitness. It has helped shape the person I am today. I have learned many lesson about success and failure during my years in the gym and working out overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq. When I got discharged from the corps, I knew I wanted to help other people improve their lives through physical fitness, so I enrolled in collage and started studying Physical Education and Nutrition. While taking collage classes I simultaneously enrolled in the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer Course. I was learning the science behind fitness from two different sources and allowed me to view things at different angles. Once I became a NASM certified trainer I immediately started training clients. I didn't start in a corporate box gym or anything, instead I started training my friends at a very low rate just to get the experience I needed the become a successful trainer. I learned a lot about selling myself and different strategies in order to sell higher priced training packages to complete strangers. Fast forward a few months and I was killing it as a personal trainer. I would go to clients homes and train them for 30 or 60 minutes focusing on the specific goals that each person had. I would arrive 15 minutes early so I can unload my fitness equipment from the trunk of my car. Up and down stairs I went numerous times carrying dumbbells, kettle bells, bands and what ever else I would need for that training session. Sometimes I would only do one exercise with a few pieces of equipment. As time went on I started to reevaluate my entire process from start to end. I would spend 15 mins unloading and then another 15 mins loading the equipment back into my car. All together it was about 30 mins of wasted time for each session and I had numerous sessions per day, so you do the math on how much time was being wasted. As a fellow trainer, you know that wasted time is money not in your pocket. Something had to change. I recall my deployment to Iraq when I had little to no quality fitness equipment and I came up with a prototype of something I envisioned in my mind. It was a fitness free weight that can do the job of many other products without taking up a bunch of space and something that wouldn't break on me. Who would have known that many years later, that prototype would soon come to life stateside. I reached out to a custom steel fabricator and told them my idea and design. To be honest, at first they scratched their heads and had a smile on their face like I was crazy and this thing was a waste of time and money. Days passed and I received the call that it was time to pick up my finished prototype. Once I arrived at the fabrication shop I seen the workers standing around and joking amongst themselves. I knew this was a test for me and my product and this was my first opportunity. I knew if I could demonstrate and explain the positive functions and benefits to people that already have a negative idea about it, then I would be on to something. As each minute passed while I went from exercise to exercise, all their faces went from disbelief to curiosity. After about ten mins of demonstration, they all were very interested and I quote “You really have something here” from the business owner. I left the fabrication shop with my new product in hand and I immediately started bringing it with me to train cites at their homes. I went from spending 15 mins of loading and unloading, to now parking my car and everything I needed I could carry in one hand. When my clients first seen the new device, they looked at it with confusion. I would then demonstrate to them the numerous different exercises that can be performed and they were immediate fans. Workouts became more interesting and I was able to train more clients throughout the day with all the time I saved from loading and unloading. I saw a huge benefit being a personal trainer and needing only one piece of equipment. Word quickly spread around town and I had friends and strangers asking if they can purchase one of my products. Unfortunately, I had the only one in existence but I knew at that moment I had to move forward with this new fitness product so I can help solve the problems I had as a trainer, where all workouts were performed outside of a typical gym setting. Years later and after many prototype redesigns I finally finished the BodyBall and It was time to bring into the fitness industry…and here we are today. I am still a NASM trainer and now I hold many other certificates from them like Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, MMA Conditioning Specialist and other completed courses from Flexibly Training to advanced BodyBuilding. I have travelled all across the country working out in endless gyms and now I live on the Big Island of Hawaii where I am still a personal Trainer at my company You vs You Fitness. I am by no means a novice in the fitness industry and I created this product because I truly believe it helped solve problems as a mobile trainer and for those people who have no interest in joining a box gym. It is now my duty and responsibility to spread the word about this BodyBall product and how it can simplify your life as a mobile trainer and get you more clients which equals to more money in your pocket. I get it, at first you scratch your head when you first see a BodyBall, but once you workout with it for yourself you can clearly see what I have been talking about this entire time. The BodyBall is one device that can train your clients body from building strength, improving balance and coordination, core development, isometric holds, building explosiveness for sports and your own creative ways to help them reach their fitness goals. The BodyBall can do it all from pressed, pulled, swung and thrown. It is a nearly indestructible, small and compact device that can easily be stored in your car or inside under the bed. These days its all about working smarter and not harder. Save time from loading and unloading all the equipment from your vehicle and spend more time training more clients which equals to more money for you! Hopefully by now you have a deeper understanding and see the benefits that a BodyBall can do for you. Until next time, this is Zak from the Big Island signing out. Aloha fellow trainers.

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