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How to Get Back on Track!

Good Morning!!!!

Zak here again... I hope you are having a great day so far and have an amazing day planned for yourself and loved ones.

"This is going to be a long one so make sure you have time to read slowly and maybe even a few times for deeper understanding."

As a Marine Combat Veteran and Professional Fitness Trainer for over 10+ years with hundreds of clients under my belt and thousands of pounds lost, I wanted to share with you some thoughts and lessons I have learned that have been going through my head the last few days. I hope you find VALUE in what I'm about to share.

Carefully read the information below so you can fully comprehend and incorporate it into your daily lifestyle so it can become personal knowledge that you will have with you forever.

Before I begin, "Question for you"

Have your weight loss results stopped? Or worse, never even began?

Before you tell yourself you have done everything you can to try and lose weight but still no success, here is some of my opinions from years of experience going through trial & error myself and feedback from hundreds of clients from all different walks of life.

To keep it simple, here is the outline ...

  • Main Topic I am going to talk about: (NUTRITION)

  • Go into Detail on each part

  • Summarize at the end

I am going to break up my advice into 2 sub-sections that are opposite ends of the spectrum.

For simplicity reasons, you are either person A or B.

A) Person who wants only a LITTLE help along their fitness journey.

B) Person who will do ANYTHING in order to succeed along their fitness journey. Lets Begin... TOPIC: YOUR DIET aka NUTRITION So you made the decision you are going to change and start taking better care of yourself because you have a cruise scheduled in 2 months and you want to look your best.

"I get it" that is a great reason to ignite that spark and get the fire going so you can burn those calories and wear that swimsuit you always wanted.

But wait a minute, something happened!!!

1-2 weeks in and you just had a small dessert.

You felt great while you were eating it and the moment you finished that last bite it hit you like a truck on the highway.

Instant regret!!!!

Now you are starting to fill up with guilt and self-hate or some other negative thoughts, so in order to make yourself feel better again, you consume 1 more piece of the same dessert.

"Rinse and Repeat"

You are now caught in the never ending infinite loop of what I call...

"False Satisfaction Filling Superfluous Guilt." Just made that up haha. Here's the Thing....

It’s human nature to begin to slip on your nutrition after a few weeks of stringent diligence. A small treat here, and a bite of something there, and before you know it you’ve fallen back into old eating routine before any real or noticable change took place.

So once again, you just quit on yourself because of one bad day or bad meal.

Strangely, you feel not entirely too bad because you tell yourself,

"I'll start again next week/month/new year."

But let's be honest, will you really?

Chances are you just heard a low voice in your head when you finished the previous sentence. It either was a little funny cause you knows its true, or a bit sad because you know it's true.

I know,I know. I have been there myself.

But it's time that I give you a ladder so you can climb out of the mental hole you dug for yourself. It's the same hole you have been digging your entire adult life every time you quit on yourself, gave up on a task, every corner you cut to try and get ahead and every lie you made yourself believe.

Here it is... What should you do? PERSON A) Take your time!!! This health and wellness journey you are on never ends.

Yes, I said that correct..It NEVER ends.

There is no goal line or moment of completion. Once you realize and accept this, this should change your mindset on the entire process.


This journey will be with you as long or as little as you want. So take your time in order to get it right instead of gaining and losing the same 10-20 pounds you have been for years.

Again...Slow Down Everything!

Start thinking of a marathon, not a sprint.

Try and make simple little changes that will lead to long lasting results over a long period of time.

For this to work on you, let's take a giant step back and not get caught up in the specificity of every single meal you eat.

"Simple Works, Complex Fails." -Tim Ferriss PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION "It's not about the weight loss." I will say again. "It's NOT about the weight loss" It is about setting yourself up for success.

The only way that is going to happen, is if you develop NEW HABITS that will ultimately put you on the right path with the least resistance.

The person that we are is a combination of our daily routine, social circle and our surroundings that are included in our everyday life.

Try and be just 1 % better everyday. The time will quickly pass and the 1% days add up very quickly.

Start thinking of progress and not perfection. Perfection does NOT exist! Example: If you are trying to lose weight, aka Body Fat, here are some tips and tricks for the 3 areas mentioned above. (routine, social circle, surroundings.) ROUTINE

Start by making small changes to your weekly routine, changes so small you will barely notice anything new. ​Something like this...

Week 1: Cut out soda and drink a full glass of water before you go to sleep and as soon as you wake up. If you were able to do those two tasks everyday, continue to add 1-2 new tasks every week until you reach your desired outcome. habits so you can change your body composition the correct and safe way so you don't regain it all back in a few months.

Week 2 and so on tasks to add...

  • 1-3 Servings of Vegetables

  • 15 min Walk Outdoors

  • Eat only Half Your Dessert

  • Add 1 cup of Fruit

  • 8 Hours of Quality Sleep

  • Daily Meditation

  • Cold Morning Showers

  • Daily Affirmations

  • Journal Writing

  • Goal Setting

  • Reverse Engineering your goals

  • If it didn't have a lifecycle, then don't eat it. (Things that had lifecycle...Nuts, Fish, Turkey, Salmon, Fruits, Vegetables, Seeds, Venison, Chicken, You get the idea.)

  • ​Protein with every meal

  • Eat Slower

  • ect....

The whole point I am trying to explain to you is you can have great weight loss results with little to no major sacrifice of your daily lifestyle.

Yes it will take a little longer, but wouldn't you rather succeed FOREVER in one year with very little change or have fast change with hormone complications, loss of lean muscle and higher percentage of even greater weight gain in the next few months.

It's when people want to go all in at first, get overwhelmed and stressed out and give up only a few weeks in.

Thats too much change too quickly.


Small changes over a long period of time will get you there, if and only if, you are consistent.

Doesn't matter what you do in life, being consistent is the one thing that separates losers from winners. Consistency is one of the most important things that will determine your outcome.

Bruce Lee once said, "Long Term Consistency Trumps Short Term Intensity." FAIL TO SUCCEED And Remember, Failure is part of the journey and is actually good for you...If and ONLY if you learn from those failures and develop new habits or traits that will prevent you from making the same mistake twice. ​It's ok if you mess up every now and then. As long as you always return to the new habits you create for yourself because your daily habits will determine the person you will become. NOW ON TO THE OTHER TYPE OF PERSON ​(Disclaimer, I love and appreciate you and want only the best for you in all aspects of your life. What I am about to say may get you a little angry with me. But in reality, you are not angry at me, you are angry at the fact that I am giving you a solution that requires work, dedication and commitment but this can only be accomplished by calling out the flaws.) PERSON B) No beating around the bush on this one. Cold hard truth is what you need to hear so here it comes. You know what you have to do, so do it the right way. Your excuse are only working on yourself. ​ STOP!!!Stop telling yourself bullshit EXCUSES Stop procrastinated or skipping on your workouts and NUTRITION Stop allowing yourself to be COMFORTABLEStop allowing yourself to quit before the job is COMPLETED Stop allowing yourself to avoid the NECESSARY change Stop avoiding and learn to embrace CHANGE Stop finding or creating meaningless tasks and/or responsibilities that prevent you from ACCOMPLISHING your goals

AGAIN, quit being COMFORTABLE! It will 100% assist you in NEVER reaching your fitness goals or professional & lifestyle goals.

It is ONLY when you leave your comfort zone that you will develop new skills, boost confidence and discover the person you were always went to be.

If you are this type of person and your still reading then I don't need to say anymore.

You know what you have to do, so get off your ass and make it happen.

You are a go getter!

If you don't know something, reach out for help or teach yourself. You can find anything you want to learn absolutely free on YouTube.

No one is going to help you and people may even want to see you fail.

Prove them wrong.

Prove yourself wrong.

Take 1 day at a time and 1 meal at a time.

You will eventually get there.

It all starts with 5 mins a day educating yourself.

Follow the guidelines above and once the habit is engrained in you, the five min sessions will turn into hours. SUMMARY

  • Your Diet aka Nutrition

  • Progress not Perfection.​ (Make small changes over a period of time.)

  • Change your daily routine.

  • Be Consistent

  • Embrace Failure

  • Stop Excuse & Take Action

I really hope you found some value in everything is listed above. If you truly got something out of this email and want to pay it forward to someone you love, send them this article and maybe this will be exactly what they need to read in order to ignite that first spark inside them.

"Only you can prevent forrest fires and only you can burn off your calories"

Until Next Time,

-Zak To Show Support...

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