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I Eat Worse Then You Do...

Fitness and Nutrition go hand in hand. You cannot have great results without the two working together.

What I am about to share with you is breaking one of the major rules as a personal trainer.

What people think…

I have trained hundreds of clients throughout my life and at some point it always comes up in conversation, “Zak, what do you eat to stay in shape?”

Now I am not on the extreme of things related to fitness and nutrition.

I do not have a body like a professional body builder and I do not have a 6 or 8 pack everyday throughout the year.

I have more of an athletic body type and sometimes my abs are visible and other times they are not.

But here is the thing…Most people think because I am a trainer, I eat 6 times a day and all I eat is chicken and broccoli or some other similar weight lifting meal plan.

The truth is…I probably eat more bad food then you do.

I know you probably don't believe me but I do. I drink 2 large chocolate shakes from DQ about 3-6 times every week. Yes, you read that right, 3-6x per week. I also eat pizza with extra cheese, chocolate chip cookies, double cheese burgers and don't even get me started on tacos.

I eat all this “bad” food and I still look the same.

Some people say that I am lying, or exaggerating the truth, but if you really know me, then you know I am 100% honest with you.

Here is the secret…well not really a secret.

Its what I have been talking about in earlier posts. Its ALL about calories in vs calories out. I do feast every night with a huge dinner and then some delicious deserts. But what people don't know is that I don't have my first meal till about 3 or 4pm in the afternoon sometimes.

My first meal is usually tacos of some sort and then a few hours later I completely stuff my face. I do not weigh my food or count calories or anything like that.

I have complete freedom in whatever I choose to eat. I make this work by two simple concepts….

  1. I don't eat for the first 6-8 hours after I wake up.

  2. I eat as much as I want in one sitting because no matter how much I intake, my body will only absorb so much of it before the rest is digested and passes through me.

I love that I am able to eat what I want.

The hard truth is this…

If you cannot do whatever nutrition plan you are currently doing for long term, like the rest of your life, it is never going to work. Doesn't matter what diet you are on, they usually last for a few weeks or even months if your lucky and then you fall off and gain all the weight back faster then it took you to lose it.

We all have different lifestyles and we must find a nutrition plan that works for you. For me, its Intermittent Fasting and never having to count a single calorie.

Do your own research and find out what works for you.

Until Next Time,


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